The Puzzled British Bazaar

‘Another curious spectator contemplating the scene’ is a fragment from a glam rock British era poster. It could also be the description of the British Design exhibition visitor. Playing a modern Masquerade, he is seeking for the hidden post-war art treasure where the game becomes almost like a Hitchcockian vertigo.

Set up as a 3D live collage, where the arrows showing the right way to go, play the role of the glue that sticks together over 300 objects, Innovation in the Modern Age is an exhibition where you could easily taste the story of the British design from 1948 until today. Among pieces of furniture like the Mambo chair or Peter Murdoch’s paper furniture, ceramic, fashion designs by Mary Quant, Vivienne Westwood or Alexander McQueen, magazines like i-D or The Face, on musical backgrounds by Pet Shop Boys, with film screenings, the exhibition develops from the reconstruction of the late 40s to the revolution of the swinging 60s and punk 70s until the innovative contemporary British style today.
Paper chair
Alexander McQueen - AW2009

If the first part of the exhibition evokes a time where you could almost hear the television programmes on a CS17 wooden TV box, the second part walks you through changes in fashion, music, shopping, interiors and film, heading to a ‘Cool Britannia’ of the 1990s when artists and designers pioneered a fresh concept that marked the cultural landscape forever.

Unique for its quirky style, British sense of culture is recognizable for its way of understanding and puzzling together the bazaar. British Design brings in the same place an indoor market for vintage lovers and new designs visionaries.  

at V&A until 12 August 2012

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