Celebrity front covers

How many times have you bought a magazine because of the face on the cover? Or, how many times did you not buy it because you just did't fancy the face on the cover?

Today, the most popular fashion magazines tend to use as a marketing strategy the face of celebrity in its dual forms: actresses and singers. Apparently, the interview or profile of the chosen celeb (which is, by the way, placed most of the times somewhere between the middle and the end of the magazine) it isn't enough. So, that's how the cover comes to life. Familiar faces will make the consumer more aware of what she is buying.

I am wondering though, how much the fashion reader will be interested in the face and in what percentage she will buy the magazine just because someone famous appears in that month cover? I would say, not that much. Yes, I agree that beautiful clothes look great on people of fame, but why us, the consumers, should be fashion followers because of what we see on the covers of the publications?
I think that who buys a fashion magazine will buy it because she/he loves fashion, not because of what she/he sees on the cover. I would love to see more models doing the front cover job rather than famous women whom we will never be able to compare with.

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