Nineties revive or Ninestalgia

I grew up with music like this or like this or...and the list can be carried on for at least 5 pages(a3). Every decade it's new and interesting in its way and if you look back in the history of fashion and music you cannot picture one without the other. Let's say that genres of music portray genres of clothing.
For me, 80s and 90s are the only decades that make me smile every time when I see or listen something in relation. It's probably because I have memories of them. So, collections like ASOS Revive bring back sporty thoughts and make you think from which box you should take out the old denim track trousers to make them new.
Time will always tend to come back helped by people or places by adding a sprinkle of new to the old.

In creating the collection, Ebru Ercon, Revive Desiner, looked back to the influence of music in the 80s and 90s fashion and the power of youth culture in those years.

All photos from here.

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