Tim Walker - The Mad Hatter

Tim Walker’s fashion photography is being marked for over a decade by surreal settings and visual metaphors. Since the age of 25, when he had his first fashion photo shoot for Vogue, Tim Walker has been acclaimed as one of the most influential fashion photographers of the time. 

His unusual photos create a world of fantasy, developing new meanings and concepts about what fashion is. Always presented as pieces of fairy tales or stories, where everything is oversized, his work almost gives him the role of the ‘Mad Hatter’. The worlds he creates by ‘freezing’ the moment with his camera are fractures which fascinate the eye and make the mind wondering about inceptions and endings. His unique style makes the woman who photographs a princess who lives in a dream surrounded by the real walls of the stage she is in. Photos as the ones from bellow are his signature. Just love them!

W Magazine - 2010

Vogue UK - 2011

Imaginary, Fantastic, Bizarre - Vogue Italy

Swans - Vogue Italy

A Magic World - Vogue Italy


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